Write 5 pages with APA style on Subcultural Media Practices: Punk Culture. This dichotomy and tension fuels much of the anger and tension in punk movement, and also is the basis for numerous works of self-criticism relating the punk movement to various types of “sell out” or “corruption,” with artists accusing both themselves and others ironically of being co-opted by the consumer capitalist system of control it claimed to oppose on all levels. The nihilistic aspect of punk in this context points to the recognized and ever-present threat of being caught up and controlled by the system, something the punks themselves by nature cannot escape without a complete transformation of society. When the movement is unable to actually produce the mass-social change it advocates, the de facto and omnipresent objective reality from the beginning, it must adapt to minority status through the extreme use of symbols of social fashion and dress, such as the hairstyles, clothing, and makeup used by punk artists. The theme of resistance dominating the punk movement is rooted in this fatal and tragic dichotomy in creative art, and the development of this theme dictates the ideological movement of punk culture across decades. Simonelli writes in “Anarchy, Pop and Violence: Punk Rock Subculture and the Rhetoric of Class, 1976-78,” “Punk reintroduced working-class and youth values of rebellion into British culture, exposing the wider public to the privations of youth in the economic climate of the era.