Write 2 pages with APA style on We Should Pull Our Troops from Afghanistan. We Should Pull Our Troops from Afghanistan?n Existing political atmosphere in Afghanistan demand a stable and powerful government and the U.S. troops began to face severe opposition from the people in Afghanistan as well the international community. Majority of Afghan people and the Afghan Pakistanis and the inhabitants of Central Asian Taliban accept the military operation as Western capitulation. Taliban continue its encouragement to Afghanistan for preventing Western invasion. Many ethnic groups and political pressure groups strengthen their independence struggle against Western invasion. It is relevant to connect the issue of Afghanistan to Vietnam. David Halberstam and Daniel Joseph Singal obsesrve similar cases in Vietnam. As they comment. “Bright, sophisticated people traditional warriors they have never accepted the rule of the outsiders” (Halberstam & Singal 8). Even though U.S. troops continue their operations in Afghan regions, various terrorist groups and extremists including Al-Qaeda keep control in majority of the Afghan region. U.S administers are not react seriously towards the crisis which happened in Afghanistan. Similar attitude they had followed in Vietnam War. “In those days, American were not unaware of the difficulties ahead” (Halberstam & Singal 12) Therefore, U.S. Troops face severe problems in handling conflicts that emerged from the urban areas. Here one can feel withdrawal of U.S. troops is an essential one. Examining the existing social, religious and political scenario that laid in Afghanistan, one can see that the country has been rapidly destabilizing. Western efforts to establish a stable government began to show some signs of failure and the administrative reforms are nonsufficient because of growing conflicts. Therefore, the special circumstances that exist in Afghanistan forced the Western authorities to pull their troops from Afghanistan. Joint military force of the United States and Western countries invaded Afghanistan to stop it from offering weapons and money for various terrorist groups. Amitai Etzion reports that through the assassination of Osama Bin-laden US troops accomplished its goal (Etzioni). Increasing military operations and conflicts in Afghan region raises some questions about the peace and security of women and children. U.S. troops often claim that they fight against the terrorists to protect human rights, but unending calamities in the Afghan region remembers the destiny of Germany and Japan after World War II. Here reader can find similar occasion in Vietnam War. Halberstam and Singal observe.“In late 1960 some American officials were still pretending that the situation in South Vietnam was healthy, that the revolt was primarily the work of disorganized bandits” ( Halberstam & Singal 38).In these special circumstances, one feels that at present Afghanistan needs a peaceful atmosphere for developing significant areas such as food, medicine, unemployment and accommodation. Therefore one can support the view that we should pull our troops from Afghanistan. It is significant to notice that the election procedure due to August fails to achieve or completely blemished and it raises questions about the morale of U.S. military operation in Afghanistan .This becomes a serious failure among the Western authority, especially American officials. Hamid Karzai’s administrative reforms are not capable to satisfy the needs of the people. Madame Nhu’s comments about U.S attitude reveal the upcoming crisis of a puppet government. “The Americans, she said, were very silly in their attitude toward President Diem” ( Halberstam & Singal 15).The government cannot avoid the influence of U.S .troops in policy making and execution. The book entitled. The making of a quagmire: America and Vietnam during the Kennedy era notices the same problem which occurred in Vietnam war. The book states. “Therefore, the increase in the U.S. role was offset by stronger efforts to minimize American influence and keep the Americans out of the vital areas of policy making” (Halberstam & Singal 33). This event negatively affects the U.S. efforts to catch international support and military support. Another significant factor is that development projects and rehabilitation programs of various NGOs and other governmental organizations are not moving in a desirable position. Unnecessary military interferences often create obstacles in the way of rebuilding the nation. Neighboring countries and other Islamic groups gives financial aids and weapons for Afghanistan. It results increasing conflicts and riots. Unending military operations and frequent explosions forced NGOs and other international companies to withdraw from Afghanistan and concentrate other part of the world. Works Cited Etzioni, Amitai. Withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan. CNN.com. October 12, 2010. Web. 23 May, 2011. http://articles.cnn.com/2010-10-12/opinion/etzioni.bring.them.home_1_afghanistan-taliban-control-afghan-people?_s=PM:OPINION Halberstam, David., Singal, Daniel J. The making of a quagmire: America and Vietnam during the Kennedy era. Daniel Joseph Singal. Rev.illustrated.edn. Rowman & Littlefield, 2007. Print.