Need an research paper on participatory video game installation in the art world. Needs to be 12 pages. Please no plagiarism. The interactive opportunities of modern technology especially in the digital world have brought the concept of participatory arts to a unique level allowing audiences to interact with art in a way that they themselves become collaborators and co-producers (Bishop, 2012B).Contemporary participatory arts, therefore, challenges the traditional exhibition of art through curating where the curator chose what arts were of value and when and where it should be made available for consumption/viewing (Tang, 2007). Thus the subjective perspectives and value judgments involved in traditional curating are weakened, and this shift is consistent with the theoretical perspective that there is an increasing need for a more integrated approach to ‘institutional power, cultural freedom, and artistic value’ (Charlesworth, 2006, p. 4). Curators traditionally assumed a collaborative role with artists. However, the expansion of installation arts to video installations challenged conventional curating models and opened up new avenues for reconfiguring exhibitions and the spaces used for sharing arts (Paul, 2006). Video installations provide new ways for the distribution and ‘accessing of art’ that functions ‘independently of the institutional art world’ (Paul, 2006, p. 81).According to Paul (2006), installation video arts exist in a ‘museum’ without walls and calls for new forms of collaboration, especially through interactive videos that facilitate active audience participation. Video game installations arguably heighten the audience’s experiences and emotions and radically transform the audience from passive observers/participants to active participants and quite often collaborators (Wolf, 2003). Thus video game installations are consistent with the participatory theory in that video games establish an immediate and engaging.