Need an research paper on integrated marketing communication plan: mj freeways. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism. The companies are associated with various corporate social responsibility programs, and these programs include the issuance of scholarship funds, environmental conservation, and engaging in volunteer activities that can help in positively transforming society. The cannabis tracking industry is also a highly competitive sector, and the ability to achieve a competitive advantage over its rivals would play a role in ensuring that the organization manages to increase the share of its market, hence making good profits. Singapore airlines is a company that faces stiff competition in the airline industry, but because of cost-cutting measures and proper management, the company has managed to a be leader in the airline industry, and it is characterized by making profits, when its competitors such as Malaysia Airlines, Dubai emirates, etc, are constantly making losses (Ferrell, 27).The satisfaction of customers is an important method of gaining a competitive advantage over rivals, and this would ensure that the company is able to get loyal customers. A loyal customer will always return to the organization, for purposes of accessing the various services offered by the organization. Unfortunately, MJ Freeways is unable to build a positive brand image, wade off its competitors, and produce services that have the capability of satisfying its target customers.The inability of building a positive brand image for the company is a problem mainly because customers would be doing business to its competitors, who have a positive reputation, or image. This would in turn lead to losses because the company won’t manage to sell its services. The primary reason it was established. An example is a decision by Toyota to recall more than 100 vehicles, because of safety concerns. This in turn led to the development of a poor brand image for Toyota and leading to a drop in its sales.The inability to wade off competition, or achieve a competitive advantage over its rivals is disadvantageous, and this is because of the reduced profits that the organization may incur.&nbsp.&nbsp.