I need some assistance with these assignment. the notions of beauty in beauty and the beast Thank you in advance for the help! The fact is that this concept is much wider than only things or features that can be visually seen and comprises more complicated and, in most cases, covert factors imparting beauty to someone.Beauty as a concept and as an object of culture has made a significant interest in the human mind since ancient times. One of the first people who tried to give a definition and investigate its origin and perception were the ancient Greek philosophers, Aristotle, and Plato. (Borghini, A., 2015). Another representative of the ancient Greek philosophy, Pythagoras, along with his school of philosophic thought, considered beauty as the thing related to mathematics, for example, the principle of the golden mean was their reason for the things being beautiful (they suggested that proportion and symmetry made things look proper, therefore, beautiful). (Seife, C., 2000, 32). Further historical development of the concept of beauty contributed to its revealing and discovering its new features. Today’s view of the concept of beauty can be seen in modern works of art, and such form of art as the film makes it possible to completely reveal the essence of this concept by means of a description of the characters and events which may lead to consideration of what beauty is and what it is not. This work will consider the visual film “Beauty and the Beast” which provides more information on this topic rather than its title only.The above-mentioned film provides a specific description of the concepts of beauty and ugliness.