I need some assistance with these assignment. coping with media violence Thank you in advance for the help! However, this book does not expressly deny the possible influence of violent media on the character malfunctioning of individuals. Instead, the book trains specific focus on some of the alternative perspectives within which the question of the media and its influence could be assessed. In sum, the book reads like a critique of some of the loosely held assumptions, which fail to make conclusive facts on the relationship between violent media and the impact on individuals. Particularly, the author suggests a renewed focus on the sublime ways in which people relate to media images. This book is particularly resourceful for this study because it explores the subject matter from an angle that is mostly neglected in the dominant themes of violent media. As such, the study could be used to fill in the gaps of literature, propositions, suppositions, and findings of the study in order to achieve a comprehensive assessment of the study.Boyle’s book trains its focus on the processes involved in the production distribution and reception of violent content in the media. The book explores the consumption patterns of violent media. The importance of this study should be assessed from the fact that it breaks into discourses of gender and ethics. The author uses insightful debates to develop content regarding the impact of the media in a manner that expands the understanding of the dynamics of violent media. Boyle makes a determined effort to include a range of discourses within the broad subject of violent media.