I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Internationalization with Regards to International Marketing. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Generally, gradual Internationalization is extinct. These internationalizing companies are considered a new kind of exporting companies that no longer conform to the incremental stage theory models (Glowik & Smyczek, 2011, p.44). One key factor used in the description of this phenomenon is the ‘Born Global.’According to ANZAM (2009), a born global company can be defined as an organization that, from the beginning, seeks to obtain considerable competitive advantage resource utilization and sale of produce in multiple nations. Mellahi (2014) comments that most firms go global, however, that does not indicate that they are born global firms. Generally, what differentiates born global companies from the rest of international companies is that they have an international origin. Born global firms, right for their commencement, have a worldwide focus and entrust their resources to global ventures. Most firms operate in their home nation, and after domestically carrying out business for years, they slowly begin focusing on international business. In contrast, born global businesses commence with a borderless global view, and without delay develop strategies to help themselves expand abroad. Born global businesses have several distinctive characteristics that let them begin, and prosper in the global arena.&nbsp.One way through which born global businesses commence internationally is by depending on exportations as their key technique for foreign market penetration. Such businesses begin by exporting their goods within some few years after their formation, and can even export a quarter or even more of their entire production (Gandhi & Davies, 2014, p.15). Therefore, born global businesses must depend on external facilitators to help them sort out international shipments. Through the external facilitators, born global firms quickly and easily penetrate or withdraw from international markets.