Hi, need to submit a 1500 words paper on the topic Women in Fitzgeralds Novels. While writing the book, “The Great Gatsby” the author acknowledges that women figures are subordinate, as it contains no significant women personality. After the inability of the book to attain the commercial success that he had preferred, he stressed that it was because women did not love the book. In the book, Fitzgerald depicts the new social order and liberty enjoyed by the women as shown in the character Daisy, Baker, and Wilson with plentiful of youthful women present in Gatsby parties (Bloom 123). Tom Buchanan conversely advocates for the past ideology that equates women to decorative objects used by men to fulfill their sexual desires. Ironically, he enjoys an intimate affair with Myrtle. His double standards need to be condemned as it necessitates the narrator to also change his perception. The ideals of the narrator in the issue only differ with Tom to a small extent. This is because he disapproves Jordan on the basis of inadequate morals in her together with the indifference she exhibits. The description of the narrator depicts the obscured source of resentment that states she looks more like a boy than a young woman. The covert theme is ignored by both the narrator and the author. This subject talks about the position and identity of women. Nick outlines an odd statement touching on the moral principles of women, which is not the familiar truth even though it is supported by women acts in the storyline. He refers to Jordan Baker in his comment by using the pronoun, “you”. However, he judges Jordan and allows Daisy to survive in this context but pay with her freedom (Lathbury 234). A feminist critic has stressed the book, “The Great Gatsby,” exhibits real prejudice against women.