Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on who’s to blame for prisoner abuse Paper must be at least 250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Emily Mrs. Hurst English 101 23rd February Topic:&nbsp. Critical Survey Essay of Who’s to Blame for Prisoner Abuse Prison abuse, is long been a major issue faced by the prison inmates all over the globe. The prisoners once convicted, mostly undergo abusive action and mistreatment at the hands of superiors and other officials in the prison or cell. The abusive action of military officers and personnel on prison inmates are really a thing to be condemned and questioned. When one starts to say that military interrogators, military intelligence, are in the room when the abuse is taking place, you are connecting that kind of abuse to policy. When you connect it to policy, you’re connecting it to policy-makers. When you connect it to policy-makers, you’re connecting it to power (Danner).This indicates that physical and mental injustice done to the prison inmates are certainly with the acknowledgment of all the responsible authorities and officials. Apparently, a radical change can be brought about in the treatment of prisoners, only if the policy and strategy in the basic handling of these groups are altered from the bottom level. The allegations of sexual abuse among prison mates is another major issue which is not very new to the public .Generally speaking, the process of sex manipulation has been going on its own way in the prison atmosphere since ever. It is a widely seen fact that, the prisoners of all age and gender experience some sort of exploitation at a certain point of their prison life. The report found that incarcerated children in the United States said facility staff has forced sexual contact upon their prisoners. Female guards are just as guilty of exploiting young prisoners as male guards” (Silver).Since the inmates in the juvenile homes are minors and innocent, they become easy targets for the officials and superintends. The thing to blames is the lack of efficiency and inaccuracy in the prison monitoring system in the US government. It is very unfortunate and shameful to realize that the prison officials and superiors are involved in such heinous acts regardless of the age and mental fragility of the young inmates. The acquisition for sexual abuse in US prison scenario has been a much debated issue .Many have condemned and interrogated the government and legal authorities for this abusive tactics going on in the prison environment .But for the amaze of everyone, in most cases the officials who are acquitted are freed of their criminal charges and proved innocent. Evidence of prisoner abuse and possible war crimes at Guantanamo Bay reached the highest levels of the Bush administration as early as autumn 2002, but Donald Rumsfeld, the Defense Secretary, chose to do nothing about it”(Burkeman).This shows how inhuman and negligent are the highest to the lowest officials and superiors in dealing with the essential human rights and freedom of the prisoners. In addition to this, the legal authorities and the jurors are also seen to be biased and prejudiced, when it is the matter of these ill treated and misfortunate social groups References Burkeman, Oliver. “Bush team ‘knew of abuse’ at Guantanamo.” www.guardian.co.uk. Guardian Uk, 2004. Web. 24 Feb 2011. . Mark, Danner. “Who’s toblame for Abu Gharib.” PBS Home. Frontline, 2005. Web. 23 Feb 2011. .Silver, Mary,Silver. “Abuse in Juvenile Detention Rampant, Says Expert.” www.theepochtimes. com. The EPoch Times, 2010. Web. 24 Feb 2011. .