Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on shakespeare’s play as you like it Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! The impact of the juxtaposition is most notable in the character of Rosalind when she makes the transition from the court world to the pastoral world. The male and characters in the play “As you like it” belie traditional stereotypes. the men are weak and wimpy, while it is the women who are the strong characters making all the decisions. The males in the play are timid virginal, while the women are dominating and assertive. This is especially evident in Rosalynd donning the guise of man when she ventures into the forest. The dominance of the women is demonstrated by the reversal in the sex roles. not merely by switching the clothes, but in the women taking on the social and cultural positions generally occupied by the males. The following passages illustrate the differences in the attitudes of the women prior to and after their passage into the Arden gardens. While the women are still in the “court” location, Rosalind questions what their sport should be. Celia’s response is as follows: “Let us sit and mock the good&nbsp. housewife Fortune, from her wheel, that her gifts may henceforth be bestowed equally.” This illustrates the prevailing view of the women who feel that Fortune has not smiled on them, but has rather distributed her gifts in such a manner that men have benefitted far more than the women have. Within the premises of the garden, however, the situation is quite different. The relationship between Rosalind and Orlando places Rosalind very much in a commanding position. Despite actually being the woman, she is dressed as a man and therefore dictates the tenor and pace of the relationship. This may be noted in the exchange between Rosalynd and Orlando during his lessons in love.&nbsp. Orlando arrives late and asks to be excused for his&nbsp. tardiness but Rosalyn refuses, saying that a true lover would not bear to squander even a “part of the thousand part of a minute in the affairs of love.” She then proceeds to give him further lessons in love and she retains the upper hand all the while. Hence, in the pastoral terrain, Rosalind is the one in charge, directing the course of affairs and also controlling the nature of the conversation between them.