Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Identity Formation Process. It needs to be at least 2250 words. A breach of this would be met with resentment and the society might not consider the person as one of their own. The person may thus lose identity. The mode of dressing is, therefore, a big contributor to shaping one’s identity.The role of the society in shaping the identity process cannot be complete without indicating the important role that language plays in shaping our identities. For example, a lady in her new dress or car or motorcycle may display body language to illustrate her pride. Language is also a reality shaper especially if it attracts attention. The language contains the symbols and aspirations of a society from which a person comes. Through language, a person is able to express themselves. We are able to deduce the thinking processes of a person from their language. Their values in life also tend to manifest themselves immensely through the language. The way a person talks may also enable us to tell from which region in the world the person comes from. There is no other better way to shape identity other than language (Macionis and Gerber 1999, p152).A cultural aspect like religion plays a major role in trying to achieve one’s identity. The fact that one is a Muslim, Christian, Hindu, or even Buddhist, gives them particular rights to access certain places or otherwise. Looking at the manner in which rituals are performed in different religions, it is clear that religion is an identity shaper (Kottak 2010, p410).The kind of politics one associates with will highly be linked with them. Of course, sibling marriages are prohibited in most countries in the world. However in the state of Hawaii, in South America (Peru) and in traditional Egyptian culture, brothers and sisters are allowed to marry. This, again affect identity formation (Kottak 2010, p307)Someone’s gender also plays a big role in identity formation. One is seen to be either a woman or a man. If society views the person as a man, he is expected to behave the way men do in that society and if she is a woman, she is expected to carry feminine roles in society. Gender thus plays an immense role in shaping one’s identity.Childhood background has always played a major role in dictating what somebody becomes. This is because childhood experiences tend to manifest themselves later in life in very distinct ways. If a child was traumatized or physically abused when they were young, the child may develop a general negative attitude and mistrust towards people and as a result leading to personality disorders.