Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on History of Periodic Table. It needs to be at least 1500 words. However, historically, scientists tried to organize the elements using their relative atomic masses (Scerri, 2011). This was because the idea of using an element as being made of protons, electrons and neutrons was not yet developed. Nonetheless, the basis that is used on the modern periodic table has been used to predict properties of undiscovered elements even before the idea of atomic numbers came to be. This essay therefore shall give a chronological account of events on how the periodic table was developed to the modern one that is inexistent. Additionally, charts will be used to illustrate the stages of development in the history of the periodic table.Awareness of some of the elements in the periodic table existed long before written history. They include Gold, copper mercury among others. However, it was until 1649 that the first elements came to be discovered in a scientific manner. This was Phosphorus (P) discovered by Henning Brand. By1869 up to about 18 elements had been discovered. Grouping of elements with the order of their properties began between 1817 and 1829. Johann Dobereiner had begun the grouping of elements into triads focusing on their similarity in terms of properties. This process began with the element strontium (Sr) which he noticed weighed somewhere halfway between the weight of barium and calcium. He further discovered a halogen triad that was made up of iodine, chlorine and bromine as well as an alkali metal triad made up of potassium, lithium and sodium. As such he postulated that there exists triad of elements in nature that the middle one has properties that are an average of the other two. Later on, other scientists came to discover other elements that they further would group into more than sets of three (Royal Society of Chemistry, n.d).It should also be noted that various attempts had been made to come up with the periodic that we use today.