Create a 8 pages page paper that discusses commercialization of human feeling. Anger management is one feeling that the studies address. It is clear that the importance of ‘feeling rules’ differs across gender and manifest in different ways subject to gender, emotional labour, and power in society. Hochschild and Oransky present assumptions and argument that each makes about the relationship between gender, emotional labour, power, and anger.Oransky and Marecek investigate the peer relations and emotion practices of adolescent boys with respect to masculinity (Oransky and Marecek 218). In doing this, they used semi-structured interviews with middle-class and upper-middle-class boys from an independent high school (Oransky and Marecek 218). This study shows that unlike women, adolescent boys do not express their emotions or physical suffering and disparage such expressions in other boys (Oransky and Marecek 218). This manifests how gender influences the management and expression of emotions. This argument depicts the ‘feeling rules’ about how emotion management relies on gender. This study argues that the tough nature that men possess prevents them from expressing their feelings of physical suffering. However, the study argues that adolescent boys express their feelings of hurt and worry and of care and concern for others as “gay” or “girly” (Oransky and Marecek 234-237). In addition, the study held that adolescent boys expressed emotions in a hurtful manner as a way of bolstering one another’s masculinity (Oransky and Marecek 236). Such expressions involve mockery and physical squabbles. According to the study, physical and emotional efforts will define masculinity among boys and their peers. Oransky and Marecek assert that feeling rules and emotion practices form the basis for young White masculinities (Oransky and Marecek 241).On the other hand, Hochschild presents his assumptions and argument about the relationship between gender, emotional labour, power, and anger.&nbsp.&nbsp.