Create a 3 pages page paper that discusses benefits of lower taxes. Lowering the tax will benefit the lives of hundreds of thousands of people all across the globe. Some people are very bad at financial planning and hefty tax can break them down within no time. Lowering the tax will provide a lot of relief to such people. People with majuscule family find it really hard to pay tax and lowering the tax will help such people immensely. The needs of human beings are constantly on the rise and it is high time to reduce the tax, even a small reduction will be much appreciated by people all across the globe. The money saved can be spent on countless things, for instance, that money can be used to buy a small automobile, a family that has 4 members but have no proper means of conveyance will surely benefit from the reduction of tax. This will also make several people who have two wheelers less vulnerable to accidents. When they buy a small automobile, they will become much safer than earlier.“Federal funds cover the expansion for three years but phase down to 90% by 2020, requiring Ohio to spend around $2.6 billion on the Medicaid expansion by 2022, state estimates show.Republicans in the legislature refused to include the expansion in the state’s new budget. Mr. Kasich continues to fight for it.” Reducing the tax will encourage the practice of investing in the people. The stock market is a very good area to invest in. This is a very good time to invest because the recession has brought down the value of several companies that are ought to bounce back. Money invested in stock market will stimulate the economy of a country, lowering the taxes will have several other benefits too. Real estate is another glorious prospect, money saved can be out into real estate and the value of land has depreciated a lot because of recession, it is ought to rise in the near future. Mutual funds are another lucrative option and there are several other options that an individual can invest in and make a fortune. Once the practice of investing is inculcated among the individuals then there is no stopping the economy of that particular country. The economy will inevitably witness higher growth than ever. Lowering the tax will significantly improve the standard of living of the people. they will no longer have to sit calculating what fits in their budget and what doesn’t. The demand for luxury goods will go up and so will the prices, this whole scenario will improve the lifestyle of the people and it will also promote the habit of saving and investing in them, what more can a government ask of its citizens. There will be prosperity in the country and the same will motivate the people to work very hard, this will again work in the benefit of the economy.