Complete 8 pages APA formatted article: On Visual Culture. I shall analyze three action films Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Romeo Must Die, and Charlie’s Angels to clearly identify the workings and the technicalities of the representation and the distortion of identity in the films where key Asian Americans or Asians have been projected. Sub – Questions: What kind of characteristics that these key Asian project when it comes to exposing their identity in the consumerist culture of the film in a globalized world? Is this considered advantageous or detrimental? What seems to be the social implications of these projections of Asian identities and key figures?Baggage or Luggage: Before coming to this class, I did not pay attention as to how it is dangerous and ambivalent, to a certain extent, the manner of projection of identity of Asians in films. Upon garnering the skill of rendering a semiotic analysis, I am now able to pinpoint and assess the hybrid identity and conditioning of Asian in films, particularly, the action genre.It has been a common phenomenon in a globalized world that identities start to mix up. This kind of condition opens up to an inherent complexity were a difficulty in determining, which is which: specifically on which culture does a certain trait came from.In the case of film and its visual culture, especially in the context of American globalized perpetuations, hybridity has become an innate condition. Hybridity, in the context of globalization, provides a two-fold condition: preservation of original identity and the commodification of such to make it sellable in the market.Both of the aforementioned tenets speculate on orientalist framework, which constitutes a polemic discourse especially on its workings in the contemporary films specifically rooted in the American context.How is hybridity manifested when coming to terms with the proliferation of Asian – Americans in film culture, consumption and appreciation?The encompassing manner that assesses both how cultural differences emanates from this complex and ambivalent conditioning present in hybridity (Papastergiadis 40).&nbsp. &nbsp.