Complete 6 pages APA formatted article: Physical Maintenance in Economy Hotels. The sole reason is to keep operating costs to a minimum. A part from outsourcing physical maintenance services, the hotel also outsources accounting, security and storage human resources.Outsourcing is often done for both tactical and strategic reasons. Tactical outsourcing is mainly based on a cost-cutting maneuver, with little consideration about risks linked to the decision. Strategic outsourcing deals with firm margins and value successive structures highlighting four specific issues which make outsourcing worth considering. These are financial issues to lower fixed costs, gain tighter control of budget through predictable costs, operational issues to get work done more efficiently by specialists and resource and competence issues which gives the ability to focus on core assets by getting rid of minor ones (Donaado and Nogatchewsky, 2009). This strategy is ideal for economy hotels.People not only need hotels for business or relaxation but also for relaxation. This inspires the sprouting of luxury hotels such Sheraton Hotel. Physical maintenance practices in such a luxury hotel differ broadly from those of the Holiday Inn. The business competition mandates the hotel management to adopt the best physical maintenance practices. This involves constant checks of facilities and renovations.Sheraton Hotel makes use of in-house technicians for physical maintenance. This presents an advantage over Holiday Inn. For instance, emergency situations can quickly be attended to by the in-house specialized technicians. Hotel managements have discovered the disparity between outsourced technicians and in-house technicians.&nbsp.