Complete 3 pages APA formatted article: The War Games Poster. In the light of the Toulmin model, the being analyzed picture is conveying confusion of young generation because they currently do not have any ethical directions and they are getting bored with hacking. But they cannot quite as they addicted to the habit. In addition, hackers are believed to be sociopaths and loners, therefore, they have an immense capability of focusing on something and nailing it. They are goal oriented and can also conduct multitasking effectively. Hackers consider themselves gurus and therefore they like to be challenged and they fulfill their psychological need of being challenged by hacking websites. Moreover when hackers successfully complete one project then they move on to the next more difficult one. Nevertheless, in the process of hacking, hackers make enemies such as law enforcement agencies. In order to evade law enforcers, hackers are known to change their addresses as other people change dresses. The true hacker is always on the move which kills his social life. The confusion and fear on the face of a youngster in the poster reinforces the fact that he believes that after his apprehension nobody will come to save him. The above-mentioned belief turns the survival instincts on and due to this reason hackers strive for perfection. Interestingly these people have an exceptional level of IQ which contributes towards flaring attitude within them. The movie conveyed the message that hackers’ war-field is the virtual world and their weapons contain codes in the binary language with the help of that they can steal one’s secrets, sexual fantasies, and business secrets. It is also imperative to note that when these so-called geniuses are arrested they attempt to play innocent and make their work appear as a form of art and they consider poetry and computer programming with similar attributes.&nbsp. &nbsp. &nbsp. &nbsp. According to several research projects, the most important and significant national secrets are present in the digital form. The time is near when governments will send robots to fight their wars and computer programmers will control them remotely.