Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on soccer world cup in the united states. Construction of buildings, roads, transportation systems, and other facilities that would be required by the visitors, spectators and the players creates jobs for the local people (Jozsa, 2009). Moreover, it is highly likely that the demand for labor will exceed the supply for labor thus forcing the wage level to increase, which will mean that not only would the people earn but also they would earn more than usual would (Dobson & Goddard, 2011). More importantly, events like the World Cup for which fans come from all around the world, they bring precious foreign exchange for the country. As these people during the world cup, they spend generously boosting the incomes and sales of the local businesses. They sell more, they earn more, and they produce more, thus creating an upward spiral of growth (Washington & Karen, 2010). Consider the example of South Africa whose GDP boosted by more than 2.2 percent solely due to the world cup which had a gross economic impact of over 12 billion US dollars. Furthermore, the preparation and the tournament itself created more than 0.3 million, boosting the total employment by 2.7 percent. Another example in this regard is of France. In 1998 when the French economy was suffering badly due to the ongoing recession and others factors, the World Cup allowed the French economy to come back on track. It is also important to note that the economic impact of any World Cup is not only short-term but also long-term (Markovits & Rensmann, 2010). The skills that the people learn during that economic boom last with them for a long period. At the same, the fixed investments made in terms of infrastructure and others remains to generate returns for the locals. Furthermore, the publicity that the city or region receives from the coverage continues to attract the tourists in the future as well (Dobson & Goddard, 2011).