Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on portrait of teresa. Strong and likable Teresa is active in friendship and involves in almost every matter associated with workplace or family. and her sharp temper sometimes pulls her into mild conflict with Ramon. Teresa depicts the facet of the entire Cuban women who bear the overburden of household responsibilities and external jobs simultaneously. The blend of psychoanalytical experiments in the film is an actual reminder of the chaos, insecurity, and the stereotypical gender roles all of which perturb an average Cuban women’s inner soul.Though not a great film making what stands the veteran director Vega out with the presentation of this film is the systematic arrangement of psychoanalysis of the Cuban woman in terms of her resistive trials for becoming an iconic symbol of feministic triumph. Teresa’s obsession with freedom is attributed to the social challenges she had to encounter throughout her early young ages. The viewers’ intellect in their search to find what exactly happens with Cuban women in regard to reality and expectations of life is strategically answered in this film. The application of Ramon’s easy-going identity is an embossing example of the director’s experimental trial of storytelling. The specific areas of gender-based altercations encountered in the film feature the importance of a prevailing influence of the issue among the women of Cuban society.The 1954 controversial film ‘Salt of the Earth’ also deals with the women’s involvement and outlook on social and political issues. The real-life centered movie tells the story of a strike led by Mexican-American miners in which the heroine Esperanza Quintero (Rosaura Revueltas), a pregnant lady turns to be the leading figure of the entire scenes. The Mexican-American miners under the leadership of Ramon (Juan Chacon) demand that they should be provided with the equal safety standards that the Anglo workers enjoy. His wife Esperanza reflexes the traditional inferior women of the&nbsp.era who was ironically deprived of her equal rights with her husband at home.&nbsp.