You will prepare and submit a term paper on Speech Recognition and Speaker Recognition. Your paper should be a minimum of 1500 words in length. Progress in communication along with security technologies has become significant to have the strength of implanted biometric systems (Khan, Farhan& Ali, 2011). This chapter demonstrates the methods of speaker recognition that were employed in this field and offered reviews for the major weaknesses along with strengths for every classifier.Speaker identification has been the theme of dynamic research for several years and has a lot of likely applications where the appropriateness of the concern of information source. Speaker identification is the technique that automatically recognizes a speaker by machine by means of the sound of the speaker. The most trendy programs of speaker identification systems are used in access control, for instance, featured information through the phone or admittance to a room. In addition, it has a very valuable usage for the adaptation of speakers in the system of automatic speech recognition. Speaker recognition can be classified into two categories: verification and identification. Speaker identification is the process of making out which recorded speaker gives a certain expression. Speaker verification in the course of acceptance or rejection of the identity alleges of a speaker. Methods of Speaker recognition can as well be divided into text-dependent as well as text-independent methods (Kamruzzaman et al)MFCC is perhaps the most popular as well as best recognized as representing the speech signal for the function of speaker recognition. MFCCs are dependent on the known disparity of the human ear’s decisive bandwidths with frequency.The diagram above as made known in Figure 2.1 signify the configuration of the MFCC processor. The speech input is recorded at a rate of sampling of 22050 Hz. This frequency of sampling is selected to lessen the impacts of obfuscation in the analog-to-digital relocate process (Kamruzzaman et al).