Write 6 pages thesis on the topic creating and sustaining an ethical business culture. &nbsp.Pinder’s knowledge and wisdom help him to take new information from the consultations and convert them to useful decisions. A prerequisite of ethical leadership is to obtain information and opinions from different sources. Subsequently, it is necessary to use such information to differentiate between wrong and right. Pinder also embraces ethical leadership by practicing fair guidance and justice as evident in his treatment of employees in a dignifying and respectful manner. This is evident in the rewards, incentives and recognition. The organization embraces positive consequences when one meets the goals or exceeds beyond expectation, (Ferrel, Fraedrich and Linda 565). He values and embraces fair guidance and advice. Fair and just treatment of employees is also evident in his vision of working with happy and engaged employees. It means that employees receive fair assignment of tasks and fair returns for their efforts.An important step taken by Pinder was laying out his phial osophy and vision of how the plant should be run. This step was important because it outlined the standards he expected at the workplace. Outlining his vision and philosophy created an enterprise wide code of conduct that described appropriate acts and behaviors. His philosophy established as proactive solutions instead of reactions to missteps. It led to the creation of a team structure in the organization’s six divisions. It also enhanced the people’s ability to embrace diversity as evident in the “Big Story”. Pinder’s vision and philosophy also incorporated employee’s opinions and preferences.