The topics of information technology systems tthis paper needs to analyze are Bitcoin from blockchain technology, and cryptocurrencies to an independent household investment ability. Paper should be 6-8 pages double-spaced, 12pt font, all margins 1 inch.References are required and proper attribution should be given. Please follow the SOB Research/Style Guide which provides information regarding format of a research paper and how to properly cite.Research a specific type of information system or technology and develop a paper with the following components:Introduction of the topic and rationale for your selection of the system or technology.Describe the history, background and details of the system or technology.Identify at least one specific company, organization, or industry that utilizes the system or technology and describe in detail how the system or technology benefits that entity.Alternatively, you may focus on the company that produces the system or technology and focus on how their customers benefit from the system or technology.Analyze the system by identify and applying the components of the system according to the component framework we discussed in Module 1You may additionally discuss any challenges or ethical issues surrounding the technology or information system.Discuss the future of the technology.Summary to include a reflection of what you learned from writing the paper.