Provide a 7 pages analysis while answering the following question: English as a Global Language. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. In the process of acquiring statehood by the nations, language politics, which is based on the principles of language and cultural variety, provides the nation with more chances to gain success in the process of social and cultural adaptation. It means that linguistic and cultural variety is a necessary condition for the dynamic movement of humanity through the way of creating a multinational society. Language variety was increasing in the world during the last centuries and reached its peak in the XX century. We became the witnesses of the process of globalization, the basis of which is the American model of the society, its economy, politics, and culture. The historical narrative of the XX century changes the approaches to language education, explaining it by the expansion of the English language that is pretending to become international.The majority of linguists define “international” or “global” language as the language that is native to a large number of speakers. According to Crystal, the language acquires the status of global when it plays a significant role, which is recognized in every country. This high status can be reached either as a consequence of its recognition as an official language or as a result of defining the priority of learning English as a foreign language. In the opinion of Graddol, the status of the English language in many countries of the world is changing as it is applied as a tool of international communication. In many countries, the status of English was changed from foreign language to the second official language. It was done in Belgium, Costa-Rica. Denmark, Ethiopia, Honduras, Lebanon, Myanmar, Nepal, Nederland, Nicaragua, Norway, Panama, Somali, Sweden, Switzerland, and UAE. It is clear that it is impossible to define the exact number of those, who actively apply the English language. The number of those who are familiar with is constantly growing.The potential of the English language to spread is very high because the number of speakers is constantly growing.&nbsp.