Need help with my writing homework on Saving Mother Earth. Write a 2750 word paper answering; Or is it us humans who do? In this paper I will cite from the “UN First World Climate Conference“, and the “National Geographic” article “The Effects of Global Warming on the Human Body”. this paper also looks in-depth into the “Biosphere 2” project, the major sealed glasshouse in Arizona. and the work of the artist Glenn Kaino, “Tank”, 2014, which was inspired from real life when he learned that the US military was dropping retired tanks into the ocean, where they later eroded and were colonized by algae and coral, becoming artificial reefs.The planet earth does not need saving, but humans do due to the gradual degradation of the ecosystem that supports human life. Despite the degradation of the planet earth, it will continue to exist for many years to come. However, the sustainability of the human race, on the other hand, depends on how they safeguard their environment to support future generations. Due to mankind’s activities on planet earth, its ability to support living organisms continues to decline and it might reach a point where plant earth will no longer support the life of living organisms due to continued environmental degradation. As a result of gradual degradation of the environment through various human activities that pollute the air and interferes with ecology and ecosystem of the planet earth, the consequence is an increase of natural disasters that pose risks to human life. For example, global warming caused by an increase of green gasses from human activities on planet earth is the major reason for the shift in climate that causes hunger and famine in some regions (Ball 26). The heat waves evident in Europe and other parts of the world are also directly linked to the effects of global warming. In addition, global warming also leads to the rise in sea levels and pose a danger to coastal cities around the world.&nbsp.