Need help with my writing homework on Proton Exchange Membrane Materials for Fuel Cells. Write a 3250 word paper answering; The key selling position of PEMFC technology is its superior energy-conversion effectiveness compared to other fuel cells like AFC, PAFC, or MCFC. For instance, it has been found this can go up to 60% efficiency under favorable conditions (Vishnyakov, 2006). Due to PEMFC high energy conversion, it is able to start at low temperature quickly, be used for diverse power needs, in addition to having low radiation, emission and noise pollution. Hence, proton exchange membrane fuel cells can become useful in electricity power generation more than hydroelectric power or thermal power generation. However, low-temperature PEM fuel cells have various disadvantages, and which in the end reduce the efficiency of the membrane. This includes carbon monoxide catalyst poisoning, high technology costs, humidification, and poor heat management (Bose & et al, 2011).Applications of PEMFC could in the laptop, military communication power source, and vehicle power (Zaidi, 2009). Ballard Power Systems which is a Canadian firm supports the PEMFC technique for Benz and Ford on their electro mobile cars. In 1993, the first PEMFC “Green automobile” was invented by an American firm Energy Partner, and the car has 15KW power, 60m/h max speed while being able to be driven 96Km after every charge. In addition, Hwang Company of China released PEMFC Electric Bicycle in 2004, and such developments have enabled PEMFC to be applied in a crucial fixed power source. Therefore, the heat generated from PEM fuel cells is possible to be utilized for heat supply. Also, the long life of the PEM fuel cells gives an opportunity to power on next-generation space vehicles like Helios which is being produced by NASA (Loyselle & Prokopius, 2011).Although PEMFC has successes in some other areas, there are still many problems that need to be resolved. In particular, high-temperature PEMFCs operating in the range of 1000 C to 2000 C.