Need an research paper on purdue academic integrity seminar questions. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism. Analyzing these reasons clearly indicates that the production industry is hungry to make more money by spending less. The consumer is left to deal with the effects of the products. Business ethics is important in creating lasting relationships with other business partners. Eradicating panic amongst consumers will come from the management of the companies by providing correct information on the ingredients used to generate their final product.Self-control strategies defined by Robert Assagioli include analyzing the current situation. The strategies he advocates for include. making plans, problem identification, and setting goals. Self-control starts with making plans to overcome the current situation. Goals succeed through careful planning over time. Assagioli goes on to explain the importance of identifying the problem that hinders self-control. The need to change in behavior starts by defining a specific problem linked to communicating with others. Goal setting is the last strategy highlighted by Assagioli indicating the need to give a definition to the target behavior. It is up to the individual to decide on the change of the behavior. Goals should be specified to the future progress measured.After reading “Meditations of Roman Emperor and Stoic Philosopher” I learned on ethical and intellectual debts that I owe to my family and friends. I owe them respect, honesty, and integrity towards what I have given them. I am thankful for the advice that they give me. Most of the time, I take this for granted without appreciating what they have done for me. The intellectual advice that they give me outside school gives me an advantage while handling non-study related activities.According to Shenk, perseverance also means adaptation. In relation to Lincoln’s failures and success, perseverance meant changing his leadership patterns.&nbsp.&nbsp.