Need an research paper on problems faced in establishing sustainable tourism projects on islands. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism. Different countries, as shown in the diagram below experience different volumes of tourist, hence the tourist spending and the generated income is different.A close look at the tourism arrivals and income generated in the U.K shows that there is a declining trend (Euromonitor, 2013). The diagram below shows the aforementioned declining trend in U.K tourism. The trend is similar for the earnings from tourism and for the number of tourists visiting the U.K.It is important to understand that there are different ways in which islands can be classified, mostly based on their characteristics and hence the challenges are all different (Sheldon, 2005. Dodds and Graci, 2012). One characteristic that distinguishes islands is how close or far they located to or from the mainland. Those located into more remote and far areas from the mainland have a greater degree of challenges compared to those located close to the mainland (Sharpley, 2009). The advantageous difference between the two those in the interior has a higher number of tourists who stay for longer as compared to those in the mainland and which register one or two days visitors. Cousin Islands located in Seychelles are an example located near the mainland and which does not have many stay-over visitors (Sheldon, 2005).Another differential characteristic is based on the climate of the islands. Some such as Hawaii and French Polynesia experience tropical and cold climates whereas others such as the Shetland Islands have temperate climates (Aguilo, Alegre and Sard, 2005). The other categorization is based on the homogeneity and composition of the population in the islands. Islands with an aboriginal populace are vulnerable to tourism effects as they are not accustomed to foreign values. Those with a more heterogeneous populace are usually pliant to socio-cultural impacts (Sheldon, 2005. Harris, Williams and Griffin, 2012).