Need an research paper on carbon cycle and climate change. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. Out of many other factors that cause global warming, one of the very important and significant factors is the increment of carbon dioxide gas (CO2) in the atmosphere. This paper basically includes the carbon cycle and the change in climate caused by this cycle. According to some statistics, the average annual concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) was around 20% higher in Hawaii in the year 2010 than it was in the year 1960, and the rate of increase in its concentration in the 21st century is doubled as compared to that in 1960. Though, the ozone hole is being recovered because of the atmospheric concentrations of CFC gases. Because of these factors the average global temperature has increased up to 0.80C in the last century and this rate is increasing up to a significant figure during this era. Other than that, the global sea level, which could be and has been a great cause of natural disasters has increase at about twice as faster between 1992 to 2010 as it was in 1950 to 2000, and the Greenland ice sheet melting is also increased up to 30% in the during the year 1980 to 2010. Now let us discus something about the carbon cycle. Carbon cycle is basically the cycling and recycling of carbon between the atmosphere, the earth’s surface, and the oceans. Other than that it is also the recycling of carbon in the lithosphere as well. Though, this take spans of time. The regulation of the earth’s temperature greatly depends upon this cycle.