Hi, need to submit a 750 words paper on the topic Parenting/Discipline Assignment. The two other girls are pleasant, playful and very supportive of their brother. My approach as a family home educator would be guided principles in Rogmann’s Developmental Parenting Book. To begin with, I have to define exactly the goals of the family I am trying to help. In this scenario, it is obvious that the father needs counseling and guidance on how he can raise his active toddler. I believe that the father’s desire alone to make things work for his son is a good signal that this type of parent is willing to carry on responsibilities even beyond his personal capacity. While the child may really get into his nerve at some occasions, his love for the child can help me as a counselor to establish strong relationship between parent and children. In this case, I can see how special the child is to his father because he is very open in asking for assistance. Unlike some families, it takes time for the counselor to really determine the real problem because there are many superficial problems on the surface. Rogmann was right when he cited the importance of families reactions to home visits. Fortunately, there were no red flags and the interaction was very relaxed. In fact, the child himself was at ease which quite surprised the father. Recommendations: The first thing that I would do is acknowledge the father’s initiative to seek help from a counselor.