Hi, need to submit a 2500 words paper on the topic Tourism and Poverty Alleviation. Some of the tourism attraction sites and activities include sandy beaches, game parks and game reserves, unique physical features, unique cultures, sports among others (Scheyvens 2012: 145). Tourism is one of the most changing sectors of any countries economy because it requires the cooperation of all the stakeholders involved for it to be successful. Given the large benefits that are associated with the sector, the stakeholders involved need to play their parts effectively to make this sector a success. The interested parties in this sector include the government, the residents, NGOs and private investors. All the participants play a role in the success of the tourism sector.In the developing countries, it is the part played by the government that is crucial in the development of tourism. that mostly helps eradicate poverty in society. The government can achieve this goal through the following activities:• The government can ensure the tourism industry thrives for the benefit of the locals by instituting policies and developing a legal framework that favors the development of the industry. It involves easing up the immigration procedures for the tourists and ensuring fewer restrictions on the movement of the tourists within the country (United Nations 2003: 28).• Developing the infrastructure of the country such as roads, railway lines, airports and seaports and information technology infrastructure, the government ensures efficient movement of people and good. It is critical to the tourism sector.• The government is charged with providing social amenities such as hospitals, schools, water, electricity and recreational facilities such as stadiums and sports grounds. Tourists will be attracted to a place only when they are sure they can access these services quickly (Hinch & Higham 2011: 48).• Tourists are attracted to countries that enjoy peace, political stability and are free from the epidemic.