Hi, need to submit a 1500 words paper on the topic The Wal-Mart Success Story. The strong financial position enables Wal-Mart to operate in countries such as UK, China, and some South American countries, where it offers a wide range of services and products and ensures customers satisfaction. Therefore, this can be considered as the strength of the organization.This is a distinctive competence given that it has enabled Wal-Mart to be the leading retail-variety hoard, which offers a wide range of services and products to their customers at the lower prices than their competitors do.The other strength relates to their core competence in the application of information technology in international logistic systems, which improves management of their inventories in different stores to ensure that they are not running out of stock (Berry, 2012).Use of information technology in their international logistic system is a strength that enables managers to evaluate the performance of individual products in the market, in the country or store-by-store (Berry, 2012). In this case, the It has made a significant contribution to their procurement operations, by improving the organizations’ efficiency.Application of information technology in their international logistics system can be considered the strength of distinctive competence (Riley, 2012). It enables managers to monitor demand for products in the market and procure the right quantity for their customers, at the right time. Therefore, this gives them a competitive advantage over their competitors who are not able to do the same.The first weakness can be attributed to their unsuccessful ventures, which were made in countries like South Korea and Germany. In fact, despite being the world’s largest retailer and their IT advantages, they have become weak in some regions due to their large span of control. Therefore, the company is unable to manage their resources in different areas due to lack of the adequate flexibility in their management.