Hi, need to submit a 1500 words paper on the topic Camper Handbook of Finger Lakes Music Camp. According to the research, Finger Lakes Music Camp (FLMC) conducts a series of five summer camps starting on Sunday with registration at 4 pm at Granger Lodge, followed by a brief meeting for all campers in the recital hall. Students are admitted to camp without auditions but will participate in chair-seating auditions on the first Monday of camp.Only certain instruments are available for rental during the camp, and those are reserved for students who must take air transportation to camp. All others please bring your instruments to camp. Contact the camp office in advance if you need an instrument. Insurance charges might be assessed on rental instruments. A small number of bows, strings, mouthpieces and percussion mallets are available for each session. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served in the dining hall. Some special dietary requirements can be accommodated with prior arrangement. Families are welcome to picnic at the camp before the concerts at the end of each session. Campers should report health problems, chronic ailments, and continuing medications to your counselor at check-in. A nurse is on staff for non-emergency medical attention, and students can be transported to a nearby health center if necessary. Students requiring emergency medical attention will be taken to Wilson Memorial Hospital. Parents must confirm a physical examination within the last 24 months. A confidential medical history and release form, a copy of your current medical insurance card, and a camper liability waiver must be received by May 1. Doctor’s forms are also due by May 1. If your child has a special health condition, or you have other questions, please contact the Finger Lakes Music Camp. Campers sleep on cots in tents on platform decks in supervised groups that are assigned by age. All campers have access to indoor showers, toilets, and changing rooms. Every effort will be made to assign friends to the same group if requests (limited to 2) are noted on the application.