Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on How to Ascertain the Horizontal Pages. It needs to be at least 1500 words. To ascertain the vertical edges, the Prewitt_V filter detected on the grey level images the vertical directions and lines with the backgrounds taking on black colours while the edges are white in these image types. In this case, the maximum positive values are white while the negative values are denoted in white. The zero value is black. In the end, the negative values are not seen/ discernible as they show equal intensity with the background.The Prewitt filters are rooted in the idea of the central difference. As highlighted in figures 1c, 2c and 3c, the Prewitt filter pairs were applied to three (3) kinds of images with the resultant backgrounds of the set up filtered images transforming into grey colour.The Prewitt_H filter delves on the edges and lines that have horizontal directions and the circle image background inside the circle, that was previously white, is transformed into the grey colour. In addition, the horizontal edges in the circle image have been enhanced and edges discerned/ detected. In the circle image, the top edges were of the lowest/ negative values, the black and bottom edges being of maximum/ positive values and the grey edges being the zero values with the filter response in areas of flat images being zero. The sharpness of the edges increases inside the circle and the circle is indented inside the image with some noise generally observed. The similar observation applied to the other two images (2c and 3c), in that the top edges were negative values/ black, the bottom edges positive values/ white and the zero edges remaining grey. Both the two above images had grey backgrounds too.The Prewitt_V filters target lines/ edges with vertical directions and it can be seen that the 3 images (1c, 2c and 3c) have been filtered using the Prewitt_V with the vertical lines in these scenarios greatly enhanced.