Create a 7 pages page paper that discusses marketing strategies of starbucks coffee company and caff nero group ltd. As the report declares the business of marketing strategy is to influence the decision of the customers towards a product. Marketing strategy therefore focuses much on building a strong customer base that eventually translates into increased profit margin for the customers. Having conducted a proper marketing research and conceiving the findings, marketing strategy then take effects. At this stage, the precursor of marketing strategy is the marketing plan which gives a structural breakdown of how the strategy will be rolled and the avenues to be explored when reaching the prospective customers effectively and efficiently with the least cost possible. A marketing plan considers what is popularly known as four Ps i.e. product, price, place, and promotion. This information assists in devising a proper marketing strategy.This paper stresses that marketing strategy is one of the most important inputs any business should endeavor to engage in however big or small the business may be. Unfortunately, most businesses are always hesitant to actively do appropriate marketing strategy simply because they do not understand the contribution of the same in business. It is obvious that for a business to thrive and grow exponentially in terms of building and restoring the customer base there has to be an aggressive marketing strategy that will be beneficial to the business. It is rated that Caffè Nero Group Ltd is position three in UK this is after Whitbread Group’s Costa Coffee and Starbucks.