Compose a 1500 words assignment on chinese woman and foot binding. Needs to be plagiarism free! Feet of young girls were wrapped in firm bandages so that they cannot grow. A desirable growing can be 4-6 inches (10-15 cm). During the first year of bandage wearing a girl feels breaking of her four small toes and only one toe remains stable without any breaks. There is a famous Chinese saying: “If you love your daughter, bind her feet. if you love your son, let him study”. This practice was very much complicated. One director of the film, a Chinese-Canadian filmmaker Yue-Qing Yang interviewed girls and women of that period and revealed the complexities and challenges of this practice. The roots of this tradition can be found in the following background: an emperor, who lived a thousand years ago, expressed his preferences for women with small feet. This gossip became widespread among women from poor classes. The Communists forbade this malpractice in 1949, but prior to this year, 4 million women are supposed to have bound their feet (McManus 12). There is another opinion, expressed by Columbia University Professor Dorothy Ko, where she says that foot binding was not the tragedy. A mother made a choice for their daughters and responsibility should be relied on her only. In the show Foot Binding: Search for the Three-Inch Golden Lotus it was claimed that for a woman living in the Confucian culture the highest moral value was placed on domesticity, motherhood, and handwork (Earle 118). Actually, a culture of exploitation is released in a patriarchal culture and a tradition of feet binding. In the book written by Jicai (1994), it was mentioned that this procedure was very painful: “Fragrant Lotus’s mind was filled with waves of pain and pinching, folding and contortion” (Jicai 16). In spite of this torturing pain, a girl had to walk otherwise her bones would not be broken in a proper manner. A price for a future life of a woman with binding feet is always high, but she could be sure that her future life will be successful and prosperous.