10-1 Small Group Discussion: Presentation Peer ReviewIn 8 to 10 slides with voice narration, provide a brief overview of the situation and, using the key concepts from your strategic communication case study, the steps that can be taken to remedy the issues. The audience for your presentation is your peers, and the goal of the presentation is to convince your audience that your communications will best address the problem you identified in the case study. Introduce the problem your communications are going to address and use the following sections of your final project to persuade your peers:GoalsJustificationTypes of internal and external communicationsMediums for both communicationsTarget audiences and cultural considerationsPotential sources of conflictAlignment with mission, vision, and goalsMeasurement—internal and externalNote: Although all of this information will be derived from the work you have done for your final project, be sure to revise the content for the purpose of the presentation and do not simply copy and paste.