Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the advantages of applying a multidisciplinary perspective to analysis of complex events. Concerning governance, it is all about questioning governance by exploring the changing conditions of politics, which illuminates why statism as well as nationalism provides insufficient political resources to meet the problems brought about by a further global age. While cosmopolitanism can be perceived as, a more relevant and appropriate means of framing todays politics. In addition, cosmopolitanism is centered on four basic principles, and it can be argued that cosmopolitanism is the political project of the present day.Points of clarification need to be recognized. Firstly, globalization has nothing new to offer. There have been various phases of globalization in the last two millennia’s, which include world religious developments, discovery age, and the spreading of empires. In recognition of this, it is significant to note that the present form of globalization has something new that is particularly converging activities across humanity 1. This can be traced by measuring the extent, velocity, intensity, and networks of human impact as well as relating to all core areas of social activity of which include political, economic, legal, environmental, and communicative. Contemporary globalization expresses common elements with phases of past but is distinguished by unique organizational features that create a world in which the extensive human relations reach and networks are matched by relatively high intensity, velocity as well as high propensity impact across various aspects of social life.