Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on assess crowdsourcing in a globalizing market place. Various models are considered in addressing the concept and its implication to the intended purposes. The major models considered for this paper are PeoplePerHour and crowdflower (Knowles, 2012). In this case, PeoplePerHour is an instance of a facilitator while crowdflower is an instance of an aggregator. The type of labor used in the two cases is also considered with respect to Castell’s typology of generic labor and self programmable labor. In the paper, crowdsourcing is found to be important and very useful in developing low income countries (Knowles, 2012). Crowdsourcing can be defined as the practice, in which aspects like needed services, contents, or ideas are obtained through solicitation of various contributions, usually from large groups of people. This practice is especially done from the online community instead of traditional suppliers or employees. The process is applied in subdividing tedious work or in fund-raising startup charities and companies (Munro, 2012). Mostly, the process is an online task, but it can take place offline depending of the prevailing conditions of business. Crowdsourcing combines the efforts of many volunteers who are self-identified. Each own initiative contributor adds at least a predetermined portion to the final result, making its greater than it could have been. Unlike outsourcing, crowdsourcing has its work coming from a public, which is undefined instead of being commissioned from within a specific and a named group (Munro, 2012). How Crowdsourcing Works Crowdsourcing applies to many and different activities. It can involve the division of labor especially for those tasks that are tedious. These tasks are split to in way that they use outsourcing techniques that are crowd-based. The concept can as well apply to certain requests, which in this case have to be specific. Some of the applicable requests include crowdvoting, solutions, crowdfunding, broad-based competition, as well as in the general search for certain answers or missing individuals. With crowdsourcing, obtaining needed services, ideas, or contents becomes easier than ever before (The WritePass Journal, 2012). The concept is critically important in representing a company’s or institution’s act in taking functions after they had been previously performed by employees (Doan, et al., 2011). The company or institution in this case initiates this practice by outsourcing the given tasks to certain networks of people, which are usually undefined. These networks are typically in the form of open calls, and they can assume the form of production especially when the job has been performed in a collaborative manner. The tasks can also be undertaken by individual persons. The main idea of employing crowdsourcing as a concept is to help in exposing problems to many unknown solvers. The many reason is there the creation of solutions to business related problems. With crowdsourcing, problems are usually broadcast to usually unknown groups of problem solvers. These problem solvers are usually open for any call for solutions to related problems. Users in this case are referred to as the crowd (Castells, 2000). These users submit solutions, which on the other hand are owned by the organization or entity that is responsible for broadcasting the problem.