You will prepare and submit a term paper on Santa Fe Grill Restaurant. Your paper should be a minimum of 2500 words in length. They achieved success good success in the first 6 months but after that, they observed that revenues, customer flow, and sales were on the downward trend. Add to that, they had only minimal information about their customers and their characteristics. As both of them were deficient in marketing expertise, they approached a marketing research firm to gather some primary data regarding the dining habits or patterns of people in not only in Santa Fe Grill Restaurant but also that of its competitor, Jose’s Southwestern Café. So, the collected data will be analyzed a comparison of Santa Fe Grill and Jose’s Southwestern Café, followed by identification of Santa Fe Grills’s competitive advantages, and finally ending with the recommendations for improvement.Restaurants are a few businesses that involve both product and service categories. In other words, they are providing or selling a product of food thereby servicing their customers while providing that product (Kurtus 2008). Restaurants have to carry out many of their processes in an optimal manner to entice their customers, hold them, facilitate them to provide positive feedback to other prospective customers, and others (Schlosser 2005). So, a restaurant has to provide optimum satisfaction to its customers. There are many parameters that reflect customers’ satisfaction towards food and that includes the taste of the food, interior ambiance, service, price, and many more. All these aspects have to be provided in a quality manner and so optimal quality has to “flow” throughout the restaurant. This perspective is pointed out by Parpal (2015) who stated that when customers enter the restaurant’s doors, they would naturally expect quality in every part of the restaurant and would be looking for value in all the aspects they view, taste, as well as touch, and when both these perspective are fulfilled they will&nbsp.certainly have good taste. Food’s quality is not only associated with the taste of the food but also how hygienically it is prepared and its nutritional value as well. &nbsp.Namkung and Jang (2007) support this fact by stating that food quality based on its preparation and nutritional value seems to be accepted as an essential component to satisfy customers, but at the same time, it has been often overlooked in restaurant service quality and satisfaction studies. Apart from this basic component of food, when a customer enters a restaurant, its interior ambiance has to make the first impression and they should feel that they are special as well as a comfortable place” (Parpal 2015). Then, quality has to be exhibited in the form of memorable service. So, Parpal (2015) adds to the above perspective by stating that perhaps even more crucial than the quality of food is the need for providing exceptional service to the customers from the moment they go into the restaurant until the moment they walk out.&nbsp.