You will prepare and submit a term paper on Lake District Tourism Development. Your paper should be a minimum of 2250 words in length. In any national park, the partners and stakeholders understand how they should work together towards meeting the statutory purposes. Lake District is now at the forefront in bringing people and agendas to the same table in developing a new vision for a national park until 2030. The partnership includes that every stakeholder in the Lake District national park adopts the vision of the park (Eckton 2003, pp.307–317).It is the vision that the partnership between the partners and all stakeholders has proposed as a mechanism that can be used in bringing every person together in achieving the purposes of the Lake District national park. The vision that was put forth for the park will help in guiding the plan review management of the park. The tourism vision for the Lake District will ensure that the park will be a place where its economic prosperity. It will also help increase visitor experience, which is of world-class and the communities that is vibrant come together as one to offer sustainability to its spectacular landscape of Lake District Park, its culture as well as the wildlife found in the park. The vision will ensure that the businesses that will be in the park since Lake District park values the opportunities as well as the quality of opportunities, lifestyle and the environment the park offers (Inskeep 2007, pp.118–135).The park’s vision will help the Lake District grow to the world destination place. The vision statement will be used as guidance by the management to ensure that everything goes on as indicated to achieve the objectives by the year 2030. The vision will be a vital tool in ensuring that the image of the park rises to the standards of world-class to attract the community members and propagate a chain of a prosperous economy.From the vision, the Lake District Park will derive its objectives.&nbsp.