Write a 6 pages paper on do celebrity politics and celebrity politicians matter. The celebrity picture is essentially rooted in popular culture. Politics, on the other hand, seek to create a positive public picture that attracts the attention of the target group. The link between celebrity and politics is based on the relative benefits that are likely to be reaped from either of them. This follows the notion that celebrities and politicians can hardly work together for the purpose of realizing adverse effects on either of the parties involved. John Street considers both sides of the story, highlighting the interests, benefits, concerns, and implications underlying celebrity politics and celebrity politicians.The process and result of celebrity-driven politics have been used in the article to pinpoint the point at which celebrity politics matter. To John Street, this is a critical issue that calls for empirical backup. Inconclusive researchers cannot address the underlying concerns adequately, thus the need to evaluate and assess the critical point at which politics connect, interact, and relate with celebrityhood. The article exhibits diversity in dealing with the matter at hand. Numerous works done by other professionals in the political context have been used to reinforce John Street’s arguments.Approaches to the public notion are diverse and dynamic. For this reason, John Street relies on differentiated accounts to present his topic and his personal stand on the matters therein. It is important to note that expert opinions and perspectives differ as far as politics and politicians in the celebrity context are concerned. John Street acknowledges that celebrity politics cannot be unanimously defined. This is because the variables and factors involved are many in number, and they are viewed differently by different people.John Street reduces the many categories of celebrity politics into two, namely:&nbsp.“traditional politician who emerges from a background in show business or who uses the techniques of popular culture to seek (and acquire) elected office and the celebrity who seeks to influence the exercise of political power by way of their fame and status” (Street, 2012, 347).&nbsp.&nbsp.