Write a 10 pages paper on water resource monitoring using remote sensing. The science of remote sensing relies on the use of laser radiations such as infrared radiations, radio waves microwaves, etc. Due to the use of satellite imagery in remote sensing techniques and strong radiations to discriminate fine details on various aspects of nature, constant supervision of various natural phenomena has been made essential and effective using remotely sensed data. The platforms used in remote sensing applications on the other hand can be applied even in places where a man cannot traverse e.g. above large water bodies, other dangerous places such as flooded regions, diseased areas among others. It is for this reason that remote sensing applications have gained much recognition for use in areas that can only be accessed remotely where fine and accurate details of the occurring phenomena have been gained with utter totality.Due to the availability of remotely sensed data on vast water bodies from satellite images, remote sensing technology has been of great importance in water recourses management. The ability of remote sensing radiations to distinguish different and fine details on various natural phenomena present in different waters gives it the capacity to be used in water resources management very effectively. Remote sensing applications in water resources management have presented many beneficial applications in improving and managing the quality of various waters across the globe. Pollution and diminishing water boundaries due to human and vegetation encroachment are other aspects that have been effectively managed by remote sensing techniques.&nbsp.The radiations used in remote sensing technique such as infrared radiations, UV radiations, x- rays, γ- radiations and other types of radiations can distinguish different tones of color as well as giving different color characteristics on various phenomena detected in or above the water surface (Bartholom´e & Belward, 2005).