Write a 10 pages paper on nationalism versus religion. This paper will discuss nationalism versus religion, by looking at the different instances around the world communities that benefited or suffered by having religion play a part of their national identity. I will establish and analyze the different instances from around the world where religion and national identity have come together and derive the results of the interaction. In doing this, I will rely on reliable scholarly sources. I will then derive my own interpretation of the collected information and draw relevant conclusions.The study by Airriess et al examines the ‘In God We Trust’ (IGWT) license plate in the state of Indiana as a material expression and territorialized form of national identity (Airriess et al 49). The study by Airriess et al is relevant for this paper and my analysis because analyzing the information contained in the source will help me to address the research question and thesis of the paper. Moreover, the source is up-to-date and is on an authoritative scholarly journal. The article by James reviews the relationships between religion and national identity over the last 10 years (Dingley 389). The fact that the article analysis how religion has been prevalent in influencing national identity for a long time despite the popularity of the secularization thesis motivated me to select this source (Dingley 389). The study will show how changes in the role, form, and presence of religion continue to influence nationalism that relates to the research question and thesis of the paper. Moreover, the source is authoritative, up-to-date, and reliable.The article by Neophytos explores the relationship between nationalism, religion, and its adaptation to cultural values and ideological differences in countries on the Balkan Peninsula (Loizides 203).