Write 8 pages with APA style on The Film Psycho. Even the long pauses and silence of the movie attracts me and makes me think over the underlying meaning. Marion is the main character of the film. This beautiful actress works for Phoenix. She is upset by the difficulties of life. Marion cannot marry Sam, the love of her life merely because of monetary issues. Sam had to give his money for “alimony” (Psycho. 2012). One day, her employer gives her 40,000 USD to deposit in the bank. Marion is shown desperately for the money because it is the only way to overcome her financial issues and start a new life with Sam. They were tired of meeting at lunch breaks. So she decides to run away with the money. She was heading towards California when a storm rages and she has to make a turn towards an unknown destination. After one whole day of driving, she decides to stay at Bates Motel managed by Norman who is a young man. Norman is influenced by his mother. She had a chat with Norman which made her change her mind and return the money to her boss. She decides to head back to the town and return the money.While she is calculating how she can pay back the 700 USD, she spent from the 400,000 USD in exchange for a car (Psycho. 2012). The most famous shower scene grasps the attention of the audience. Marion keeps on screaming but no one comes for help. The shadow of the black old woman keeps on brutally attacking her. In the end, Marion lay lifeless on the bath rub where the tap is still running and her blood flows away in the drain. Norman enters the scene and tries to bring her mother to senses. He cleans up the blood. Terrified by the whole murder scene, he winds up all the belongings of Marion along with her dead body and dumps it in her car trunk. He takes the car to the swamp and pushes it in there. Marion’s dead body, money and car all sink in the swamp.Marion’s sister approaches Sam to ask her about where her sister is.&nbsp.