Write 8 pages thesis on the topic information security protocols. Security protocols that have poor designs allow an intruder to delay, observe, and redirect messages. To provide enough security to protocols, there needs to be a clear verification procedure by the use of a systematic approach. This paper critically evaluates and explores two protocols used to secure computer systems.A good protocol verification system should be compatible with computer systems and serve the purpose for which an individual intends it. It should allow for accessibility of information only by the use of authorization criteria. An effective verification protocol should have a “native” input language, which contains a description of a security protocol to be an infinite-state transition organization that uses set re-rewriting. The most preferable system is one that allows the user to give specifications on the properties of channels that are to be useful in transmission (Arnba et al., 2014). Some protocols successfully reduce that search space which normally associates with a given protocol specification but not excluding attacks. There are several techniques for verification of protocols.As we had earlier mentioned, security protocols function by securing communications that take place in insecure networks, for example, the internet, by basing on cryptographic primitives. Security protocols are important in enhancing the security of information. Lack of proper information can cost individuals such as banks and governments (Paiola & Blanchet, 2013). Examples of online activities that need secure information management include mobile phones, bank transactions, e-commerce, WI-FI networks, and e-voting among others. Intruders aim at obtaining sensitive information in order to acquire selfish gains (Guttman, 2014). For instance, after the publication of the famous Needham-Schroeder, people realized that it had flaws 17 years down the line. In as much as software professionals have made progress in promoting.