Write 8 pages thesis on the topic health promotion plan. Among these sorts of various mental illnesses, depression is considered to be the most prevalent illness which is experienced by the Australian women. It is frequently observed especially in the central Goldfields region in Australia. The sources of occurrence of this particular type of illness i.e. depression are mainly the lack of social association, poor economic resources and occurrence of violence towards women among others (Women’s Health Loddon Mallee, 2006). In the paper, the objectives or goals in relation to developing the health conditions of the Australian women affected by mental illness has been presented. Moreover, the application of SMART objectives along with the rationale for each objective will also be taken into concern. Additionally, the execution of various strategies in order to accomplish the desired objectives related with the issue of mental illness and the consideration of various ethical issues while implementing a program will also be portrayed in the discussion. A Brief Analysis of the Goals and Objectives It is evident to the fact that the issue regarding the facet of mental illness is mounting rapidly among the Australian women.