Write 7 pages thesis on the topic problems confronting the muslims world. However in the contemporary geo-political sense, it can refer to Muslim-majority countries, districts, towns and states as a whole. When combined together. all these separate jurisdictional units constitute the Muslim world. Islam has laid strong emphasis on the unity and defense of its fellow members. However, the formulation of sects within the umbrella of Islam had led to many problems in the Muslim world. In this paper, we endeavor to define a problem, examine its various dynamics and then provide a solution of the problem. The major issue confronting the Muslim world can be segregated into three different problems, which as a whole constitutes the issue faced by the Muslim world. Firstly, there is the failure to differentiate between what God has laid in His Book and the Traditions of His Prophet (our own interpretations of it), the difficulties and the dilemmas faced by the womenfolk in the society and the distortion of the meaning of obedience to those who are at a higher position and assigning them unnecessary power and authority, despite the fact that they commit many wrongs and injustices. Let’s tackle each issue individually.&nbsp.