Write 16 pages thesis on the topic issues and stakeholders in tourism: bangkok. In today’s busy and hectic schedule, the importance of tourism is of vital importance. People want to go for vacations with their families and loved ones to get an escape from their routine work life in order to enjoy or simply want to explore nature. Sometimes the tourist spots are attractive enough, that tourists visit the place for various adventure purposes. To name, there are various tourist places in the world that are famous and millions of tourists every year visit them. Bangkok, the capital of Thailand is one such place that is a famous tourist spot in the world (Berger, 2014). It should be noted that there are certain issues that are associated with the tourism industry. These issues range from economic, social, environmental to political and security issues. Bangkok is also facing similar challenges in the field of tourism. however, the government and stakeholders have taken some concrete steps over the past years, in order to maintain sustainable and responsible tourism in the region.&nbsp.Responsible tourism is relatively a modern term that has been coined in the 1990s in the Kingdom of Thailand. It is because of responsible tourism that Bangkok has been able to minimize the negative aspects of tourism on the local communities and that the government and the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) can maintain a balance between hosts and tourists (TAT, 2014). Responsible tourism helps in promoting and developing environmental, economic, and social issues whereas it also minimizes the adverse impacts of tourism on these areas (Lin & Siriporn, 2012. Amnatcharoenrit, 2013). By adopting responsible tourism, the government of Thailand was able to promote a sustainable income plan for its tourism industry. It has been witnessed that the tourism industry of Bangkok, Thailand has evidenced major issues in the past decades. To counter those issues, these steps and countermeasures were taken by the government of Thailand and TAT.&nbsp.&nbsp.