Write 14 pages thesis on the topic dhobighat and kahaani film. The movie starts off showing Arun (Amir Khan) moving into a shabby apartment in an old locality of Mumbai. The film depicts Arun as an artist who meets Shai (Monica Dogra) an American investment banker at one of his exhibitions. The two fall for each other and end up spending the night together. Shai expects Arun would commit to their newfound relationship, but instead Arun makes it clear that he is not interested in a long term relationship and their night together was nothing more than a one night stand. Shai angry at Arun’s attitude leaves the apartment (Gurbaxani, 2011).This scene depicts a cultural trend that has greatly influenced modern Indian society. Indian women are known to be conservative. They are forbidden to have premarital sexual relationships. However, influenced by western culture, more and more Indian women have been engaging in premarital sex (Dhawan & Kurup, 2006). Spending the night with Arun highlights the western influence that has been a part of Indian society for quite some time now. Whereas getting angry at Arun for his lack of commitment portrays the conservative Indian side that has been a tradition within the Indian society.Munna (Prateik Babbar) is the laundry boy for Shai and Arun. Munna aspires to become a famous actor. Munna has a brother who has links to the underworld and his brother tries to use his links within the industry to try and get Munna a break-even through Munna is against his brother’s activities. Later on in the movie, Munna’s brother is murdered probably because of his ties to the underworld (Gurbaxani, 2011).The movie in this scene highlights the underworld influence that has made its way to the Indian film industry. There have been many instances and incidents where mob bosses from the Indian underworld have funded and backed various producers. Anyone who has refused to work in mob-backed movies has received threats and sometimes even been targeted by the underworld.&nbsp.