Provide a 10 pages analysis while answering the following question: Performance-Based Navigation. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The aviation industry trying their level best to meet up the society’s incessantly altering requirement for air travel. We see around us that air travel is becoming to be a basic part of our lifestyle. Our skies are probable to find still too busier more than the next two decades, these are some estimates. How will the aviation society be able to meet the increasing load of increasing air travel? By connecting the emerging advancement in aircraft knowledge, aerodynamics, and flight deck avionics. These are few factors which are increasing at an extraordinary speed. These advancements guide us to ground-breaking uses of new technologies to fulfill the needs of the public for a comfortable, safer and more efficient/effective air transportation system. We will discuss performance-based navigation and its issues in the details.One of the most far-reaching achievements is to more carefully and resourcefully use this apparently vast area. Improving the method that aircraft can navigate is getting better today and in the future. The FAA is improving the way aircraft can able to find the way our full skies by creating and improving new flight paths. This generates new navigation principles and changing the National Airspace. This entire new plan that changes all these things is called Performance Based Navigation. Intended to the argument that the competence, capacity and the ability for the safety of modern aviation. Performance-Based Navigation is a newly introduced method that utilizes onboard avionics to find the way with better accuracy and correctness. By this approach, the rising order for air travel can be met and safer and more efficient travel can be achieved. With Performance Based Navigation, aircraft utilizes more advanced flight administration systems, heads-up display systems, and better satellite and ground systems to calculate position, speed of the plane, and other very important navigation information.